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April Events Calendar

April 2017 Calendar

New: Take The Express Lane

Know what you need? No time for a chat? We’re now offering an Express Lane for patients who don’t need to browse the menu or consult with our Budtenders. If you know exactly what you what you’re picking up from Blum, take the Express Lane and keep your day moving quickly!

Patient Referral Bonus

Now at Blum, we are offering existing patients a Premium Pre-Roll ($10) when they visit with a new, registered patient who is not already a patient at Blum. The new patient will also get the new patient special, their choice of a $5 pre-roll or edible.

Tomorrow: Turkey Giveaway


October Events Calendar


Holiday Drive For St. Vincent’s

We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with St. Vincent’s for another Holiday Drive, but this year, instead of contributing to a toy drive, we are accepting donations of these essential items:

For the hygiene products, we are looking for shower gel/body wash, lotion, deodorant, shave cream, disposable razors, tooth paste, toothbrushes, etc. We know it doesn’t sound like as much fun as toys, but believe us, these are the necessities that greatly improve quality of life for children and adults alike.

The Drive runs from 12/17-12/31. For each donation, you will receive 5-10% off of your purchase, at the discretion of management. One discount per patient per day.

Happy holidays!

Private Reserve OG Honored at Cannabis Cup

This past weekend, Blum Oakland’s Private Reserve OG took home 2nd place in the Hybrid category at the 2014 Patients’ Choice San Francisco Medical Cannabis Cup! Thanks to the patients who participated, and, more importantly, the Blum patients who have made this bud so popular.

Closed For Thanksgiving

Blum Oakland is closed for Thanksgiving, but we will be open again on Friday for normal hours, 10am-8pm. Happy Turkey Day!

There’s gold in that green marijuana [VIDEO]

This video, from the Reno Gazette-Journal about the impending green rush in Nevada, also happens to feature Blum as an example of what Nevada dispensaries could look like! (Click the box in the bottom-righthand corner of the video to enlarge.)

There’s a new gold rush in Nevada, all centered around a green plant.

Sometime in the spring of 2015, Nevada’s medical marijuana industry will be open for business. Doctors say medical marijuana will help patients with cancer, chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder and other ailments.

Others see the green in a different light. The marijuana business offers excellent potential for profit, so much so that it has attracted the rich and famous of Nevada.

“There are a lot of people who are savvy business people who see this as an opportunity to make money,” said Pete Krueger, president of the Nevada Medical Marijuana Association, a business group. “And God bless them, that’s the American way.”

ArcView Group, a San Francisco-based investing and market research firm for high-net-worth investors, estimated the national legal market (including recreational and medical marijuana) was $1.53 billion in 2013, according to Forbes. That’s expected to grow to $2.57 billion by the end of 2014. Marijuana sales in Washington and Colorado — the two states where recreational marijuana is legal — is expected to pull in $316 million and $802 million, respectively, in 2014. (Read the rest at RJG)

420 At Blum

420 falls on the weekend this year, on Easter Sunday to be specific. And, for the occasion we will have an Easter Egg giveaway with prizes inside. If you are lucky enough to get a golden egg, there will be an 8th inside! Here are some more of the details:
  • Party in the parking lot with DJ Pro all day, and Zion reggae band from 4pm to 6pm
  • Taco truck, with two free tacos included w/ your medicine purchase.
  • First 300 patients get a free Blum tshirt (both men’s and women’s styles available)
  • Free oz for the 420th patient, 840th patient, and 1680th patient
  • Raffle for free prizes throughout the day: Win pipes, edibles, t-shirts, and more